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Dry Eye FAQs

Dry eye is a common yet irritating eye condition. If you suffer from dry eye, you may have questions about managing your symptoms. These FAQs from Shippee Family Eye Care, P.C., serving residents in Lancaster, St. Johnsbury, and Montpelier, can help provide the answers you need to make wise decisions concerning dry eye treatment.


What is dry eye?

Dry eye occurs when your eyes stop producing quality tears to keep them lubricated and protected against dust, debris, and disease.

What causes dry eye?

There are numerous causes of dry eye, beginning with age. As you grow older, your eyes naturally produce fewer tears. That’s why this condition is more common among seniors. Hormonal changes in women during pregnancy and menopause may reduce tear production and lead to dry eye as well. Dry eye can also be caused by certain medications and medical conditions, eye surgery, environmental factors, and computer overuse.

What are some symptoms of this condition?

If you have dry eye, you may experience one or more of these symptoms:

  • • Eye redness and dryness
  • • Eye irritation – like something is inside your eye
  • • Burning or gritty sensation
  • • Sensitivity to light
  • • Blurry vision
  • • Excessive tearing

By visiting our Shippee Family Eye Care optometry specialist, you can get an accurate diagnosis of dry eye as well as recommendations for treatment.

Can dry eye cause complications with my vision?

Dry eye ranges from mild cases to severe cases that can lead to eye infections and blurred vision if left untreated. Dry eye symptoms may make it difficult to read, watch TV, or work on your computer. You may also suffer from corneal abrasions or eye inflammation due to lack of proper lubrication in your eyes.

How is dry eye treated?

For mild cases of dry eye, over the counter eye drops will often relieve symptoms. For severe cases, your optometry specialist may recommend prescription eye drops to stimulate tear production to properly lubricate your eyes. Punctal plugs can also be inserted into tear duct openings to keep tears from draining out of your eyes. After a thorough eye examination, your Lancaster optometrist can determine the dry eye treatment best suited for you.

Can dry eye be cured?

By eliminating conditions causing mild cases of dry eye, you can often get rid of symptoms. Chronic dry eye syndrome has no cure. With the help of our Lancaster optometrist, however, you can successfully manage chronic dry eye symptoms and partake of the activities you enjoy.

See Our Lancaster Optometrist for Dry Eye Treatment

For an accurate diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome, contact Shippee Family Eye Care, P.C. in Lancaster ((603) 444-2484), St. Johnsbury ((802) 748-3536), or Montpelier ((802) 223-7723) at your earliest convenience. We’re here to meet all your eye care needs.

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