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Low Vision

Vision problems aren't always correctable, but there are almost always ways to help you see more with the vision you have. At Shippee Family Eye Care, serving Lancaster, Littleton, Montpelier, and St. Johnsbury, our Doctors of Optometry can help you find affordable options for low vision treatment. 

Low Vision

What Is Low Vision?

Low vision is a visual impairment that remains even when the patient wears glasses or contacts. It is not the same as no vision at all, but it is usually a significant limitation on daily activities. Low vision is defined in terms of corrected vision in the better eye.

    • - Vision that is corrected to 20/30 to 20/60 is considered mild vision loss
    • - Vision corrected to 20/70 to 20/160 is considered moderate low vision
    • - 20/200 is considered severe low vision
    • - 20/500 to 20/1000 is considered profound low vision
    • - 20/1000 is near-total low vision
    • - The complete inability to see light is blindness

If you have corrected vision of 20/200 or less in your better eye, or your field of vision is 20° or less, you are considered legally blind.

What Causes Low Vision?

Many conditions result in low vision. Sometimes, especially in older patients, the cause of low vision is a progressive eye disease. Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration degrade sight over a period of years, although the experience of blindness may come very suddenly. In diabetic retinopathy, for instance, some patients wake up one morning and discover they have had a retinal hemorrhage, and the bleeding has made sight impossible.

The most important thing to do to prevent low vision from progressive conditions is to get an eye exam with your optometrist every year for early detection and easier treatment. Low vision can also result from injury to the eye or brain. It can take the form of blurry vision, loss of side vision, loss of central vision, sensitivity to glare, or night blindness.

There are assistive devices for even the most severe cases of low vision. Finding the devices that help at prices you can afford requires expert help. At Shippee Family Vision, we take the time to help you find the assistance you need.

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