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Dry Eye

Dry eye can cause uncomfortable symptoms like itching or swelling and impact your vision. Not only that, but it can lead to further complications if it is not treated on time. At Sites Vision Clinic in Clarksville, TN, we provide eye exams to learn more about your eye health and treatment that will help you see more clearly.

Dry Eye

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears to help them stay lubricated. The condition can often occur due to the aging process. Along with that, it can also happen from certain illnesses, dry environments, and allergies.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

If you have dry eye, you may experience a variety of symptoms. Some of these symptoms include the following:

•             Pain or discomfort in the eyes

•             Feeling as if something is in your eye

•             Sensitivity to light

•             Inflamed or red eyes

•             Discomfort when blinking throughout the day

Treatment for Dry Eye

Proper eye care can help provide you with relief. When you visit us, our optometrists will speak with you about your symptoms and perform an eye exam to learn ore about your condition. Some treatments we may recommend for dry eye include:

•             Artificial tears

•             Devices that can help retain moisture in your eyes

•             Medications to help control underlying conditions causing your symptoms

Treatment is designed to improve the production of tears and help your eyes maintain the moisture they need. In addition to eye drops or medication, we can also recommend contact lenses that won’t dry your eyes out. You can also reduce some of your symptoms at home by eliminating the use of ceiling fans, taking breaks from staring at computer screens, and avoiding too much eye strain.

Contact us for an Appointment Today!

If you have discomfort due to dry eye that is affecting your day-to-day activities, let our team at Sites Vision Clinic in Clarksville, TN, help. To learn more about our treatments or to schedule your eye exam, contact our office at (931) 647-5237 today. When you need an optometrist near me, we are happy to assist you!

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