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Eyeglasses FAQs

Eyeglasses FAQs Answered by Shippee Family Eye Care

Eyeglasses provide an invaluable solution to your blurry vision. These lenses can significantly improve eyesight if you suffer from a refractive vision error, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. With so many options and uses for eyeglasses, you may have some questions. Our optometrists at Shippee Family Eye Care in Lancaster, NH, Littleton, NH, Montpelier, VT, and St. Johnsbury, VT, are here to answer some of your frequently asked questions about eyeglasses.


How Often Should I Have My Eyes Examined?

Our optometry team recommends scheduling an annual eye exam to ensure your eyeglass prescription is up-to-date. These exams also help us detect concerning changes in your eye and vision health that require prompt attention. Ignoring eye exams can cause potentially significant eye and vision issues to go unnoticed, worsening your eyesight and leading to possible permanent vision loss.

Why Should I Update My Glasses Prescription?

Your eyes change as you age, meaning your current eyeglass prescription needs updating to accompany these vision changes. You can also develop refractive vision errors that require new prescription lenses. You may need a stronger eyeglass prescription or bifocals after age 40 due to eye and vision deterioration.

How Can I Stop Computer Glare?

Anti-reflective eyeglasses are the best choice for alleviating glare from your computer. These lenses use an anti-reflective coating to prevent glare and allow more light to pass through. These reduce blue light, which can cause blurry vision and fatigue.

How Will I Know If I Need Bifocals?

Our optometrist frequently treats presbyopia with bifocal eyeglasses. This condition commonly occurs after age 40 and causes the gradual loss of the eye’s ability to focus on close objects. Bifocals allow wearers to see more clearly up close and at a distance. Contact our optometry team if you notice your nearby vision is beginning to deteriorate. We can fit you for bifocal eyeglasses and help you adjust to your new lenses.

What Is the Difference Between Standard and Premium Progressive Lenses?

Standard and premium progressive lenses have several differences. While standard progressive lenses are cheaper than premium ones, standard lenses have a smaller reading area. Premium progressive lenses have a wider viewing area and reduce blurriness in your peripheral vision. Premium lenses also provide a smoother transition when looking at objects up close to objects at a distance.

Improve Your Vision With Eyeglasses From Shippee Family Eye Care

If you are searching for high-quality eye care and optometry services near you, look no further than Shippee Family Eye Care. We can help patients in Lancaster, NH, Littleton, NH, Montpelier, VT, and St. Johnsbury, VT, improve their eye and vision health with prescription lenses. Call us and schedule an eye exam today at our Lancaster office at (603) 788-3561, our Littleton office at (603) 444-2484, our Montpelier office at (802) 223-7723, or our St. Johnsbury office at (802) 748-3536.

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