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Polarized Glasses

Eyeglasses can improve your vision and protect your eyes. However, the protection standard eyeglasses provide may not suffice in certain situations. At Shippee Family Eye Care, P.C., we offer accessories that can better meet your protection needs. Visit any of our locations in Lancaster, St. Johnsbury, Littleton, or Montpelier if you’re looking for more protective accessories. The accessories in question are polarized glasses. Why should you be interested in picking up a pair of polarized glasses from your optometrist? Learn the answer to that question and more.

Polarized Glasses

What Are Polarized Glasses?

Early in your day at work or school, you may have a hard time due to the glare hitting your eyes at all the wrong angles. The sunlight reflecting off a glass surface may prevent you from seeing anything in front of you. Thankfully, indoor glare is an issue that typically takes care of itself after a while. If you work outdoors or just spend the bulk of your day traveling, you’ll have to deal with glare significantly longer.

Glare is problematic not just because it can prevent you from getting work done. It can also put you in dangerous situations. You may not be able to see hazards nearby because of the glare constantly getting in your line of sight. Polarized glasses make it easier to deal with those potentially hazardous conditions. The polarized lenses in those accessories stop some rays of sunlight from passing through. By blocking the passage of those light rays, the polarized lenses can help you see without difficulty while preventing glare.

Glare reduction is the main benefit of polarized glasses, but they also present other benefits. If you have difficulty seeing colors during the day, your polarized glasses can help you differentiate between them better. An eye doctor near you may also recommend polarized glasses because they help with eye care. They offer increased protection by reducing eye strain.

How Do You Acquire a Pair of Polarized Glasses?

You cannot enjoy all the eye care benefits provided by polarized glasses by just picking up any pair at a store. To get polarized lenses that deliver all the benefits you’re looking for, you must first set up an appointment with an optometry specialist. Go in for an eye exam so your optometrist can prescribe the pair of polarized glasses that suits you best.

A single pair of polarized glasses may not last you for good. Because of how your eyes develop, your vision needs may also change. Regularly visit your optometrist to ensure your polarized glasses are always up-to-date.

Get Your Pair of Polarized Glasses

At Shippee Family Eye Care, P.C., we can prescribe the polarized glasses that meet your needs perfectly. Stop by any of our locations in Lancaster, St. Johnsbury, Littleton, or Montpelier and get your new glasses today.

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